“The thing about a tiny house is the tour doesn’t actually take that long.”

Bourbon Boom

But, of course, aging bourbon takes time. It’s just now that we’re seeing shelves with a number of new craft bourbons, with a good age on them, made outside the commonwealth. Which begs the question: Can you make good bourbon outside Kentucky?

“If those areas were more pedestrian friendly or traffic was slowed down, the urban neighborhoods in the city as a whole would benefit in thinking of streets in that way, in terms of serving pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. And neighborhoods. Thinking of [how] you want to serve the neighborhood of Shelby Park well, not just the traffic driving past Shelby Park. It’s not a thoroughfare.”

"Weird, random acts of kindness"

One of the first CDs Mark Heidinger ever purchased was the Beatles’ Past Masters, Volume Two. He can still remember hearing “Hey Jude” for the first time, when he was 14 or 15. He was sitting with a friend in the backseat of a car, somewhere between his Jessamine County home in central Kentucky and Lexington, his dad at the wheel. “As the outro was winding down, my dad glanced back at us and declared the song ‘melodious.’ It was the first time I’d heard that word used,” Heidinger says. “A lot of things can be melodic, but to my dad’s ears, and mine ever since, the Beatles were…melodious.”

Beautiful homes, west of ninth.

“I’m a lifer,” says Chris Clifford. A seventh-generation (or so) resident of the neighborhood, he grew up a few blocks away from the Portland home where he lives with his wife Kerrie, sister to Kellie Hudson.

“I hear people, and I hear the news. Even the people I work with (at Winston Industries) are like, ‘Oh, my God, are you OK? I can’t believe you live there.’ But they come here and see a different side of Portland. I think the community at large doesn’t understand what a true gem this neighborhood is.”